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3 Essential Strategies for Creating Your Personal Brand

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Are you new to the idea of Personal Branding and puzzled by the numerous tips and advice flying around the new concept you have just discovered? Well, you are not alone! New concepts will challenge us at first, and Personal Branding is no different.

For the novice, personal branding is often perceived as a fun-filled activity rather than a productive one. Even though it’s good to create a stylish personal brand, it requires a strategy and an ongoing dedication towards creating effective self-promotion in the long run.

As they say, self-appreciation is an “art,” and so it has to be crafted thoughtfully to fulfill its purpose without leaving your modesty behind. Here are the three important points for developing the art of building a long-lasting and compelling personal brand:

Take an Honest Personal Inventory

  • Take a walk on knowing your inner self and discover the real YOU. Understand the values and morals on which your existence is built.
  • Build your physical appearance, personality, skills, and other abilities around the image you want to project, i.e., your “brand.”
  • Jot down a quick like-dislike list or do a serious SWOT analysis of yourself.

Remember that your personal brand should reflect who you are inside and out; otherwise, while you may gain popularity quickly and feel better about yourself in the short run, you will eventually feel fake and struggle with the difference between your public persona and the real you. So, lay an authentic and credible foundation for yourself and confidently decide on what it should be, always keeping in mind its purpose and the goals you want to accomplish.

Sow Good Seeds

Here, seeds are used as a metaphor to indicate the qualifications/skills/qualities/physical appearance, which define you.

  • Decide the audience you want to attract and promote yourself accordingly.
  • Reach out to as many people as possible with whom you can talk about yourself and who appreciate your brand.
  • Create profiles on social sites with expressive photos and posts and have catchy taglines that hint at your public persona.
  • Share relevant content online which will attract attention to your profile.
  • You can even create your own website if you are an existing successful brand and want to boost your brand and spread it further across the internet. Be sure that you make 100 % genuine and meaningful interactions.
  • Speak knowledgeably and post only factual information or express that it’s your opinion to gain credibility.
  • Avoid posts that are not aligned with your personal brand, as these posts can deviate you from your goal, and people may lose interest in you and your brand if they consider you disingenuous.

Establish Your Niche

Once your brand makes an engaging image in the market to the audience you want to attract, make conscious attempts to control your brand over time. An uncontrolled brand can lead to more issues than not having one since a loosely-managed brand allows other people to make your narrative, ultimately adulterating your real image. So, establish your niche to lock it in and for holding onto the credibility of your brand. Make sure your brand adds value to those who are looking for what your brand provides. Periodically review your brand against your goals and adjust your strategy to achieve them. Once you achieve your original goals, set new goals and update your branding strategy accordingly, and this will help keep your brand fresh and captivating for your followers.

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