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A Day in the Life of a Writer

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Woman jotting down a note, sitting in front of her laptop
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Writers have the magic of transferring anything and everything in the world into words! Give them a topic, and they will return a beautifully written masterpiece to you. Seemingly, anything a writer discovers – in reality or their imagination – is expressed through their writing. We believe that writers have the most peaceful and calm life than the average person next door because their day starts and ends with alphabets dancing around in books and blogs. However, reality takes a different course!

A writer has the job of multi-tasking, juggling many different things all at once while maintaining a positive mindset. Likewise, a writer should follow a consistent schedule to overcome unnecessary hurdles/mind diversions and keep the mind clear of distractions while writing.

Well, everything comes at a price, and you must leave your comfortable couch to accomplish the things you want. So, here are a few helpful tips to motivate you and make your life easier as a writer:

Be an Early Bird

Getting adequate sleep boosts your body and mind for the new day, and waking up at dawn allows you to exercise and meditate – both are great ways to keep you going all day.

Build Your Internal Clock

You cannot expect your brain to be at peak performance all day long, so train your mind to set the alarm for the best hours of your day. If you have a regular job in addition to your writing work, then let the alarm ring in the morning or late at night to remind you of your writing hours until it becomes habitual.

Read – Research – Write – Repeat

A writer must develop and maintain the habit of reading and researching since that is how the art of writing is acquired. Make enough time to read about the topic you are attempting to write and go as deep as you can. Once you have a basic idea about the subject, then start the challenging process of research!

Start a cursory round of research, jotting down the facts and cases, and create a checklist you can use for more in-depth research. Once you have a list of the details to follow-up on, begin a detailed analysis on them to make your final write-up an efficient and errorless one.

Though the advent of the internet has made the process of reading and researching easier, it can be a con to your schedule. Make sure you don’t crawl around on the internet, getting side-tracked, and deviating from searching for the information you need. Sticking to a specific topic is one of the appreciated qualities of a good writer.

Never Lose Your Creativity

Every writer has a style with a pinch of creativity that enhances the writing and makes it uniquely appealing. Make sure you apply a creative touch of newness to your wordsmithing in the form of quotes, taglines, poetry, funny examples, pictures, and emoticons, etc., to make your content attractive and endearing. One tip to boost your creativity is to create collections of ideas/images/conversations/things you find in your daily life and use it in any suitable write-ups.

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