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Best Entertaining Cat Toys

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Kitten playing with feather and ball toy
Courtesy of @amandazeiber / Twenty20

Since the first time someone conceptualized a cat toy, there has been a lot of development regarding entertaining your cats. These days, there are interactive cat toys that promise an exciting experience not just for the cat but also for the cat owner.

So, whether you have a fully grown cat or a kitten, don’t miss out on the opportunity of purchasing an entertainment toy for him/her.

Cat toys play a vital role in your cats’ health. Cats instinctually jump, run, hunt, and chase moving things (rat, birds, butterflies, etc.). Toys prevent boredom and provide entertainment for your cat; watching a cat play is entertaining and fun.

Motorized toys are the best-selling cat toy. Battery-operated mice placed underneath small rugs or inside paper bags can provide great stimulation and entertainment. A small rotating tower with a ribbon or string attached will challenge and engage your cat, providing both a mental and physical workout. Automated ball toys containing small stuffed animals like bees, rats help trigger the cat’s natural hunt and chase instinct, and it helps provide hours of entertaining activity. Laser projectors create mesmerizing images on ceilings and walls that will catch the interest of your cat as they chase and attack the moving beam of light.

A key thing to remember when buying toys to entertain your cat is to provide something that will catch your cat’s attention and mentally engage your cat, as well as provide an opportunity for your cat to exert physical energy. Keeping these factors in mind will significantly reduce the chance of your cat getting into trouble by bothering things that are not toys. Be sure that the toy you are purchasing is safe for your furbaby. Check for choking hazards and be very sure there are no harmful or toxic components.

Types of Entertaining Cat Toys

SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Toy

We all know about cats and mice; getting this toy can keep your beloved cat active all day; this toy helps trigger your pet’s natural hunting instinct. Constructed from environmentally friendly materials, this StartyKat catnip toy is a great option for your cat.

Fashion’s Talk Cat Toys Variety Pack

Every cat owner loves this product because it’s very versatile. It offers a big pack of balls, feather-toys, and a track toy that will provide many options to your fickle feline. This variety pack is perfect for any breed of cat.

KONG Naturals Incline Scratcher Cat Toy

This toy is one of the best-selling toys because it makes your cat exercise frequently and stretches its joints. It’s ideal for an aggressive cat who is on the prowl for something to sharpen claws on. So if you are looking for a cat toy capable of drawing your cat’s attention, then this KONG Naturals Incline Scratcher is a great choice.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Do you have a depressed cat who doesn’t like toys? Well, this fun-filled Go Pet Club Cat Tree can catch your cat’s attention. This toy keeps challenging and providing something new for your cat. It has lots of interactive nooks and crannies that your cat can duck in and out of and holes your cat can explore with a paw that will help improve your cat’s mental and physical states.

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