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Bubble Woods

posted in: Arcade, Puzzles, Shooting, Strategy

Arcade, Puzzles, Shooting (Target Practice), Strategy
Get ready for some poppin’ fun in this colorful game of strategy. You have 60 seconds to earn as many points as possible by shooting matching-colored bubbles towards the mass of descending bubbles. Three or more of the same-colored bubbles will pop. Be careful not to let the mass of descending bubbles reach you or it’s Game Over!

Directions:  On desktop, use your left mouse button to aim the Bubble Cannon towards the descending bubbles and click it to shoot your bubble. Make clusters of at least three of the same-colored bubbles to release them from the Bubble Mass. Bubble color indicator is on the Bubble Cannon. Change the bubble color using the Space Bar, or by clicking on it using the left mouse button. On mobile / touchscreen, drag the “aim guide” by press and holding it and release it to shoot your bubble. Touch the Bubble Cannon bubble color to swap it out.

Use Mouse and Keyboard) or Touchscreen on Mobile