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Full-Time Van Life for Millennials

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Young smiling woman with long hair stands outside of VW van home
Courtesy of @cdechristhian / Twenty20

Full-time van life is eye-opening; it shows you an entirely new way to look at living. A smaller, freer way that invites you to leave your clutter behind and head out on the open road searching for new and exciting destinations. It highlights that we don’t need vast amounts of possessions to have a full life and focus on experiences over belongings. There’s nothing quite like throwing the backdoors open first thing in the morning and starting your day with a cup of coffee and an incredible vista.

With more people opting for a simpler lifestyle and choosing to live and work in this different environment, there’s got to be something said about its benefits. However, and I can speak from experience on this one, this modern-day nomadic lifestyle is not without its challenges.

Generally speaking, vans are small, well smaller than a traditional home anyway, and if you’re moving into one after living in a house, then it can take a little bit of time to become accustomed to it. Sometimes it can also be hard to adjust to all your new-found freedom.

Here are a few tips to help you adjust to a more minimalist way of life:

  1. Get Into A Routine – OK, so I know the whole point of camper-van culture is to throw off the chains of social structure, but believe me, you need at least a gentle routine for your sanity. Try to get up and go to bed at similar times each day, and then plan your day around the work you need to get done. It helps to keep you active and feeling productive, which is much better for your mental health.
  2. Get A Capsule Wardrobe – storage space is vital in your van, so you need to prioritize what you use it for, and really how many clothes do you actually need? Multi-purpose clothes that you can combine in all sorts of ways are a much better option than loads of pairs of everything, and you’ll have plenty more space for other important things – like books!!!
  3. Be Respectful – there are so many other full-time van dwellers out there that it’s essential to maintain a positive association with the community. Take your rubbish with you, don’t park where you’re not supposed to, and try not to park up in one place for days on end unless you have permission.
  4. Get Some Plants – indoor plants like ferns, grasses, and succulents are a fantastic way to make your van more homely, and I find any greenery an instant mood boost. Look out for plants with air-purifying qualities to help freshen up your smaller living quarters.

 There’s no big secret to living in a van, it’s a super easy, low maintenance lifestyle, and I definitely would recommend it to anyone who wants a fresh take on life. I mean, who wouldn’t love the chance to wake up in a brand new location daily or to hit the road whenever they fancied?

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