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Fun Bird Toys that Help Beat Boredom

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Parrot sitting on a perch playing with plastic toy
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Every pet needs toys, and since we keep birds as pets, we should also make sure we provide fun bird toys that can keep them active all day and prevent them from getting bored. When a bird is out in the wild, they don’t need toys to provide them exercise or keep them entertained because there are many challenges to do every day for survival.

Our pets can only drink, eat, look, and preen their lovely feathers until they are frustrated and bored. When your pet bird is idle for so long, they can quickly develop bad behavior like biting, picking their feathers, demanding constant attention, and display aggressive behaviors.

You can stop these harmful behaviors with fun bird toys; it keeps your pet active throughout the day. Do you want to bring the best out of your pet? Try to fill its day with play. Most pet owners get it wrong when purchasing a toy for their pet bird by buying just one toy; over time, your pet will become too familiar with the toy and find it unattractive; that’s why it’s a good idea to get different types of bird toys. If you have multiple options, you will be able to switch them out regularly.

Types Of Fun Bird Toys

There are various types of fun bird toys for your beautiful pet. Birds are ideal for pets that want to gain your attention regularly, and these toys help burn stored energy in your bird to make them more complacent and happy.

Chewable Bird Toys

Some of the best toys to put in your pet cage are chewable bird toys; these toys catch their attention immediately. You will notice how your pet will tear them up quickly, and it’s easy to tell that these chewable bird toys will be great fun for your pet. 

Foraging Bird Toys

Are you looking for the latest rave of toys? You should consider the foraging type of bird toys. These toys allow birds to express their natural ability as they would if they’re in the wild, i.e., in foraging for food. It forces your pet to search for food and then to use their mind to access it. Durable materials make many of these toys environmentally friendly and safe.

Physical Activity Bird Toys

The swing toy is a perfect example of these Physical Activity Bird Toys; these types of toys have lots of physical benefits for your pet because your little featherbabies have to use their muscles if they want to gain their balance and swing on these toys. Your pet will be getting a good workout by rocking back and forth to make the swing move. These toys prevent feet atrophy and help promote your pet’s coordination. A wide variety of swings is available to choose from: some have chewable parts on the sides and below the swing, which offers additional entertainment for your birdie.

These fun bird toys allow your pet to be involved in different activities; this prevents them from getting bored and prevents them developing unhealthy behaviors.

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