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How to Feel You are Enough | Synopsis of Marisa Peer Materials

Marisa Peer has some very insightful materials. I stumbled across her videos on YouTube a few months ago and I enjoyed the advice she provided. As she had shared in a number of talks, the concept of not feeling that we are “enough” is central to understanding unhealthy behaviors. 

Weight loss is one of her frequent topics and she gives many examples of how the pervading sense of being “not enough” underlies many people’s challenges when it comes to weight. By tackling this root cause of weight loss issues, people are then able to clear the subconscious and achieve their goals and, more importantly, maintain their weight loss.

Another topic she frequently covers regards aging and she gives a fascinating example of a study where elderly celebrities physically became more youthful after being immersed in an environment that replicated a typical one for the era of their youth because, she asserted, their thoughts were able to change their bodies.

Here are some suggestions for books on more specific issues, to get you started:


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