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Three young women celebrating the Hindu Holi festival
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Hello, my Lovelies!

Welcome to the new and improved way to be a part of an online community that makes you feel good. We developed a platform to make online experiences fun again. Current social media sites come packed with negative messaging, overwhelming amounts of advertising, and discouraging content.

Say “goodbye” to the old way because, on our platform, your involvement in an online community can finally be encouraging, feature-rich, and – yes – even FUN!

At Qwirkii, we believe an online community should be collaborative and creative – not evoke feelings of envy or depression. Our core objectives are to:
– Foster a positive community,
– Provide a member-first experience rather than an ad-focused one,
– Promote inspiration and creativity,
– Simplify staying in touch with others,
– Encourage connections with local communities.

It may seem strange for an online social commerce network, but our goal is not to keep people online; instead, it’s to make members’ online time efficient enough that they can get offline and connect with others in person – like family, friends, and local businesses – and do fun activities like taking walks with friends.

Popular culture reinforces that maintaining a social media presence is laborious and sometimes not worthwhile. However, we believe that surrounding yourself with positive media, people, and reminders can be just what you need to take your life to the next level. If you put yourself in a positive frame of mind, visualize your goals, and have a community that supports them, nothing will be in your way!

We aren’t striving just to gain a bunch of “users”; we want to attract positive-minded members who want to gather to support each other and the common community goals. Our mission is to take care of every member, supporter, and customer with the utmost respect and care because this will be the key to our growth and spreading positivity on a global scale.

Help us establish this initiative to serve people by spreading the word through sharing our story (please use the Sharing Buttons at the top of this page). Finding out that Qwirkii’s online community can support you and your dreams will be life-changing.

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