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Beauty Cream

4 Basic Must-Do Steps of Skincare

Short on time, but want great skin? Then just follow these four quick skin care steps for your face consistently ...
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The Handy-Woman's Solution For Beautiful Hands

The Handy-Woman’s Solution For Beautiful Hands

If you're anything like me, you actually do stuff with your hands. Not only that, but you're brutal with them. However, ...
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Identical Gold Perfume Bottles Lined Up

Make a Bold Statement with a Subtle Signature Fragrance

Perfumes have the potential to wreak havoc on the nose or to scintillate the senses and bring the strongest man ...
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How to Apply Eyeshadow PERFECTLY (beginner friendly hacks)

How to Apply Eyeshadow PERFECTLY

The Eyes Have It - Say Yes to Perfection ...
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Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners | In-depth Tips & Tricks - Eye Makeup Tutorial Compilation #6

Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

Basics to Get Started on the New You ...
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Fake A Nose Job with Contouring | Jadeywadey180

Fake a Nose Job with Contouring

No Rhinoplasty Needed, Non-Surgical Way to a Slimmer Nose ...
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Woman With Manicure Holding Floral Ceramic Cup

Nail Art Trends Fall | Winter 2018 | Qwirkii

Check out these delightful designs sure to warm your heart through fall and winter this year: [pinworks+ type='board' user='qwirkii' board='nail-art-trends-fall-winter-2018-qwirkii' ...
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Woman with Nice Manicure Holding Glitter-Covered Perfume Bottle

Timeless Holiday Nail Art | Qwirkii

These are the hottest nails of the 2018 holiday season: [pinworks+ type='board' user='qwirkii' board='timeless-holiday-nail-art-qwirkii' pinwidth='275' sourcelink='no' gallery='yes' captions='yes' transition='fadeIn' ] ...
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Young Woman with Thick Long Wavy Hair Showing Balayage Hair Coloring

Qwirkii’s Best of Balayage – What’s Hot in Hair Highlights

So you want to hop on this trend, but not which train to take? These will help inspire your next ...
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Back of Woman's Head Showing Ornate Bun Embellished with Pearls

Qwirkii Easy Updos – Medium Hair

The long and the short of it is that what you need are updo ideas for your medium-length hair. [pinworks+ ...
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Collage of Instructions for Making Cute Updo for Medium to Long Hair

Qwirkii Easy Updos – Long Hair

Feel inspired by these gorgeous updos that are easy enough for everyday occasions: [pinworks+ type='board' user='qwirkii' board='qwirkii-easy-updos-long-hair' pinwidth='275' sourcelink='no' gallery='yes' ...
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Collage of Instructions for Making Cute Ponytail Style

Cool New Twists on Ponytails

Running out the door and need cute ideas for a hairstyle staple? [pinworks+ type='board' user='qwirkii' board='qwirkii-new-twists-on-ponytails' pinwidth='275' sourcelink='no' gallery='yes' captions='yes' ...
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