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The Fundamentals of the Law of Attraction

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The Law of Attraction works upon the Universal Principle of “like attracts like,” so we attract whatever we desire or expect. People are regularly drawing negative situations to themselves inadvertently. These unwanted situations are the result of undisciplined mindsets and discordant emotions. They believe that they are the hapless victims of their circumstances and spend their lives investing in all kinds of fears and anguish over their seemingly hopeless destiny.

The truth is that you make your destiny. Every moment, you are continuously emitting “vibrations” through your thoughts and emotions, and these then attract more ideas of a similar nature. It ultimately snowballs back to you in the form of life-situations. For now, we will bypass the detailed discussion on “how” the Law of Attraction works because you don’t need to understand advanced aerodynamics to fly a plane to get to your destination. You have “faith” that the aircraft will get you there, and your experience of the journey and result will convince you that aerodynamics works. In the same way, you will be able to test the Law of Attraction and confirm to yourself that it works, and you will eventually be able to see the “cause and effect” of your thoughts and actions.

That said, the basic concept of “manifestation” is that you attract what you send out. It is, therefore, of paramount importance to monitor your thoughts at all times. When you allow your sorrows and grievances to rule your heart and mind, you invite more of these dark energies into your life. These negative energies present themselves to you in the form of more significant hardships and difficulties, thus multiplying your fears and sorrows until your life spirals out of control.

Your negativity is preventing the light of optimism and prosperity from entering your life. The first step towards attracting positivity in your life is to move past your guilt, fears, and doubts. These are the elements that sabotage your efforts to create something amazing inside yourself and for the world.

However, if you try to eliminate them, you may find yourself stuck in the mode of eradicating the mountains of negative emotions in your life. Instead, work on diluting the things holding you back by creating new, positive experiences and revisiting traumatic events from a different perspective. For example, as a child, you may have felt that a parent abandoned you because you weren’t good enough. However, when you “revisit” your childhood as an adult – through adult eyes – you can observe that the absent parent had issues handling responsibility or was emotionally immature.

On the other hand, when you “vibrate” with the positive energies of peace and optimism, you automatically become an open-door to everything that spells love, happiness, and prosperity. Believe in yourself and in your inner power to create the future you desire. Your faith and self-confidence are the tools that can help speed up the process of manifestation. There is no such thing as a coincidence.

Everything that happens in your life is the consequence of the thoughts in which you invest. This point is difficult for those who have gone through traumatic events or some form of abuse in their life and is a topic that a separate article will cover in detail. However, the critical point is to realize that there is a difference between unknowingly attracting a negative situation and “deserving” it. It can feel frustrating that “you” unwittingly invited terrible things into your life (this includes the result of patterns of behavior imprinted on your subconscious as a child). Still, the empowering part is that you can force the bad stuff out of your life, too.

Learn from your experiences and turn your tragedies into triumphs. You should also participate in other people’s happiness instead of grudging them their share of joy when you take the focus off of yourself and begin concerning yourself more with helping others – including others who may have experienced similar traumas. You will realize that, over time, you will be less preoccupied and concerned with your challenges, and those challenges will fade away.

Train your mind to dwell in a positive mode at any given time. The more vicious and malignant your thoughts are, the more you bring it upon yourself to suffer the woes of life, according to the Law of Attraction. However, when you understand this Universal Law’s dynamics, you will begin to use your mind more constructively. You would be more careful about your mental activities when you realize that ultimately it is you who must suffer the consequences of your errant thoughts.

Life is a mirror that reflects what you radiate from inside. Therefore, to change your circumstances, you need to change your perception. The shift has to come from within yourself. Be conscious of your thoughts at all times. Each time you catch yourself thinking of something that makes you sad or provokes you to anger, stop the thought in its tracks and replace it with things that make you cheerful.

Believe in the ultimate truth that the Universe is an inexhaustible supply of Abundance, i.e., your increase in prosperity does not require another person or group of people to lose theirs. There is no limit to the amount of wealth available; poverty in the world is usually the result of broken economic theories and logistics systems. Farmers regularly throw away surplus food, and many commodities are sold or given away at a loss. Realize that your misconceptions of lack and insufficiency annihilate your efforts to live in greater peace and happiness.

Happy, peaceful thoughts help to keep your energy-field bright and clean. The forces of darkness cannot influence the one that is reveling in the light of optimism. Daily meditation also helps heal your mind of afflictions and strengthens it. A keen, sharp mind is indeed conducive for constructive activities and heightens your power of creativity.

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