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The Handy-Woman’s Solution For Beautiful Hands

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If you’re anything like me, you actually do stuff with your hands. Not only that, but you’re brutal with them. However, your otherwise feminine self with the tomboy heart still wants those beautiful hands like the models, even though your active nature doesn’t lend well to them. You’ve got your hands into everything, all the time. Don’t despair, or give up on your goal, just adopt a few simple habits.

These habits may be challenging at first to remember, but keep reminding yourself regularly.

Guard Against Harsh Chemicals

First and foremost, before diving in to get rid of dirt in your home, doing the dishes, or even preparing meals, make sure you protect your hands. Exposure to chemicals and detergents in household cleaning products can dry out and irritate even the toughest skin. Look for gloves that are designed to protect against those chemicals and keep your hands soft and smooth.

Protect Your Manicure

Be sure to wear gloves for the most minor of chores to keep your perfect manicure perfect. In addition to chemicals, any kind of scrub pads or brushes, even the “gentle” ones for non-stick pans are tough on your nails and skin. An extra layer between you and the environment will help fight chipping and wear at the tips.

Lock in the Moisture

Apply a good moisturizer to your hands frequently and take time weekly to pamper them by putting on gel lined gloves to allow the moisturizer to sit against your skin and get absorbed. Be sure to take care of your feet this way as well. Choose a moisturizer that’s effective and safe for sensitive skin, that’s free of potentially irritating fragrances or dyes.

Spa Day for Hands

Treat yourself to a relax spa day that includes your hands. If you have your nails done regularly, see if your salon offers a paraffin bath or hand massage. If you prefer to relax and have spa day in the privacy of your home, then some perfect options might include a paraffin warmer, exfoliating scrub, and good moisturizer.

Beat the boring with these colorful and durable gloves. Invest in a few pairs to have on-hand for different areas, like the kitchen, bathroom, and garage:

For latex-sensitive hands, try these:

For food prep, you can’t go wrong with these disposable food prep gloves, like they use in restaurants:

These gel-lined gloves and footies (socks) are great for keeping your hands and feet hydrated:

Home Spa Day Tools

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