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USA Luxury Destination: Beverly Hills, California, USA

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Rodeo Drive street sign with storefront in the background
Courtesy of Peter Thomas / Pixabay

Nothing says glamour and luxury than The Beverly Hills of California – it has become the glitz and glamour icon in TV and magazines. Visitors worldwide visit this city to experience the allure of Hollywood, designer-items shopping, and fine dining at some of the celebrities’ favorite places. A stay in this city will give you all the vibes of pop culture with Andy-Warhol-inspired street art and an actual Andy Warhol Gallery. If you’re looking for a destination to satisfy your itch for Hollywood’s glamour, take a trip to this stylish city!

Some of the best restaurants/cafés worth checking out include Cecconi’s, a chic Italian restaurant in the heart of West Hollywood that boasts a celebrity clientele, Craig’s, that offers a decidedly upscale American fare, and Urth Caffé (think Starbucks: Celebrity Edition).


Greystone Mansion

Exterior of Greystone Mansion

CC BY-SA 3.0Los Angeles / Wikimedia Commons

Probably the most popular and iconic mansion in the city, this 55-room mansion is open for tours and always in demand. The estate, which covers 16 acres of land, exhibits the Welsh-originated Royal House of Tudor with its terraced gardens, well-cultivated flowers, and amazing fountains. If you’re a fan of Gilmore Girls, you might recognize this place as Chilton Academy!

Sunset Strip

Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, at sunset

© Wasin / Adobe Stock

Like Las Vegas’ Strip, the Sunset Strip is an iconic section of the Sunset Boulevard that runs through West Hollywood that is filled with many establishments and passes through many attractions. Palm trees line the sides of the streets and tower over them. They appear as silhouettes at dusk and is one of the appeals of driving through this boulevard.

Rodeo Drive

Young women strolling through Rodeo Drive near Versace's

Courtesy of D Thory / Pixabay

For the uninitiated, the correct pronunciation is ro-DAY-oh. It is the heart of shopping in Beverly Hills and has unrivaled stores, which solidifies its status as the best place in the world to shop. You can find every item you’d want to wear or see – from exquisite handbags and shoes to unique home accessories and jewelry – everything you’ll want is here. For travelers who like to shop designer items, Rodeo Drive has flagship stores that carry full collections and even exclusive items for designer brands such as Cartier, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Harry Winston. Although window-shopping is free, if you have the means, be sure to bring your high-limit credit cards if you’d like to take some luxe items with you.

Sprinkles ATM

Woman holding a small boxed cupcake from a Cupcake Vending Machine

Courtesy of @danilynayee / Twenty20

Sprinkles, a well-known and celebrity-loved bakery, is a must-try when you’re in Beverly Hills. It offers cupcakes baked fresh daily and handcrafted from artisan ingredients. A unique experience to consume such a sumptuous treat is through a cupcake ATM on Santa Monica Boulevard at any time of the day!

Where To Stay

To fulfill your experience of living the glamorous lifestyle, it’s only fitting that the hotel you choose is the grandest of them all:

The Beverly Hills Hotel

Grand entrance of the Beverly Hills Hotel showing the red carpet leading to the front doors

CC BY-SA 4.0Digital90210 / Wikimedia Commons

This 5-star hotel has an unbeatable provenance and hosted Hollywood legends like Fred Astaire, Humphrey Bogart, and Elizabeth Taylor, to name a few. The hotel greets all guests as if they’re Hollywood superstars, with its opulent red carpet as you enter the lobby. The stunning rooms are filled with elegant, gilded furniture. Some of the amenities worth trying include:

  • Fountain Coffee Room. This laid-back café has vibes similar to a 1950s retro diner where you can try healthy options from their menus such as yogurt, banana, and granolas.
  • Swimming Pool. The pool is an excellent place to take a dip, and you can lounge in the chairs surrounding it while staring at the palm tree canopies set against the azure California sky!

Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Front view of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel

CC BY-SA 3.0otterboris / Wikimedia Commons

Another iconic hotel, the Beverly Wilshire, opened its doors in 1928, and the flow of celebrity and royalty through its doors hasn’t stopped since.  The main lobby greets guests with grand staircases, exquisite chandeliers, and opulent marble throughout. Whether you are royalty or want to feel like one, this hotel is sure to fulfill your desires. Some other noteworthy points about the hotel:

  • Swimming Pool. Take a dip in their Mediterranean-style pool, where attendants are at your beck and call to bring you refreshments to slake your thirst.
  • Dining. From a pool-side bar to a Michelin-starred restaurant by Wolfgang Puck, you’re sure to satisfy every culinary whim.
  • 5-Star Spa. Need to treat yourself to the ultimate in pampering? You need look no further. From therapeutic massages to clinically engineered facials and body treatments, you will emerge feeling refreshed.
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