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Woman jotting down a note, sitting in front of her laptop

A Day in the Life of a Writer

Writers have the magic of transferring anything and everything in the world into words! Give them a topic, and they ...
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Woman typing on laptop with raisin toast and small glass of juice next to her

A Day in the Life of a Freelancer

Freelance: as the name suggests, our minds automatically frame a picture of freedom and having a grand time while making ...
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Young woman computer hardware engineer holding / looking at a motherboard

A Day In The Life Of A Computer Hardware Engineer

Ever wondered what it was like to spend a day as a computer hardware engineer? Is it all experiment, testing, ...
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Three businesswomen sitting in cafe, drinking coffee and networking with each other

Business Networking Like a Pro

There’s no life without networking today, be it personal or professional, and if you are living outside the world of ...
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Woman doing mental exercises to improve her memory

5 Key Habits for Improving Your Memory

Did you know that your brain needs to be as active and strong as the rest of your body? Most ...
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Young trendy woman with short hair, wearing a Fedora, taking a selfie

3 Essential Strategies for Creating Your Personal Brand

Are you new to the idea of Personal Branding and puzzled with the numerous tips and advice flying around the ...
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